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about myself

Before I wrote these lines about myself, it took me some time to decide whether I want to write from the first person or from the third person. I thought that writing from the first person could create too much of “self”: self-description, self-contemplation, self-attention etc, in other words, too much of “I”, whereas writing from the third person might create quite a big distance between the author and his own personality.

Finally I decided - as I am not contesting for a prize in literature – I shall let myself be absolutely free in writing these lines being guided only by my own mood and spirits.

Since it is a newly-born project, the traveler might find this and other texts incomplete but he should not be worried about it as words, like any Form, cannot fully express Eidos which had created the Form itself. My goal is to reach a compromise, to strike a balance between my personal subjective expression of my inner Universe, on the one hand, and to incite interest of an unknown traveler, on the other hand. Anyway it’s not my intention to seek everyone’s praise and, therefore, I allow myself not to simplify things too much.  Let everyone get as much meaning as they wish.

So who is the author, the founder, the creator? Can’t help but notice that I hardly resisted from writing creator with a capital С. Surely, it’s not the reason to be proud of but rather an attempt to avoid presumptuousness or a false pride.

So… a boy from Saint-Petersburg born in a cultured and highly-educated family, as it was in most cases at that time, was interested in astronomy, chess and photography. Astronomy crated a path to mathematics and led me to the mathematical school and then to my first (out of three) Master’s Degree. As for the chess, though I was quite good at it, it was abandoned failing to cope with my extreme sense of perfection. As for the photography, it has been constantly following me hiding away only during the times of frantic student life, during hectic but happy family life, in times of gains and losses in business. Photography unexpectedly caught up with me (and it still keeps on doing it): first, a desire to take an old “Zenit” camera (I call it pioneer as it was my first serious camera at the time when I was a pioneer myself) to take photos of my young family, then a natural wish to capture my newly born daughters using something more advanced – that was the reason I bought a Nikon F80 film camera which was considered quite good at that time. Further, high-quality lenses became a basic necessity for me, the lack of which I could desperately feel.  However only recently I realized that Photography was my Fair Lady whom I longed for and needed. It happened when I was struggling to master a magical Hasselblad camera which has become my true and faithful friend ever since. So that was «the beginning of a beautiful friendship». As for now, I prefer working with large format film cameras.

Trying to understand - what is it in Photography that attracts me so much and would not let me go - I turned to such classics as Roland Barthes with his “Camera Lucida” or Susan Sontag with her trivially named book “On photography” though some parts of which deserved attention. As my English leaves much to be desired, I was struggling through the pages of “Regarding Heroes” by Yousuf Karsh, reading and rereading some pages and the whole chapters. I like his portraits so much! All this has definitely come to fruition. And, though I can admit that not everything has taken its own clear shape and well-defined character, I would like to share one of the obvious ideas: Photography is one of the nonverbal ways of communication (like, for instance, a dance or just a single gesture) which is understood by all people. Of course, every person understands it differently depending on the acquired education and experience, mindset and values, and even inborn sense and perception of Beauty. I would say the majority nowadays believe that “a snapshot”, as they call it, immediately posted on a social network will leave an everlasting trace of a fading Beauty in the Universe. Hopefully correct and eloquent “photography speech” will be heard in the future.

For the time being I have decided not to cover everything straight away. Depending on my mood, spirits and free time, I’ll incorporate some new paragraphs or edit the already existing ones.

To cut a long story short I’ll just say that my photo works speak louder about my perception of the world and the Universe than my scattered words can say.

There is a specially designated field in the menu above to contact me so your feedback would be appreciated.

A true revelation shall be granted to a persistent and attentive traveler!

<to be continued…>


Here the traveler will find my current pursuits and experiments, discoveries and trials personified in my works.

The works, represented in this electronic gallery, have more or less similar exterior style, however, I hope that the traveler will find the content and the moods of these works quite diverse like the infinite diversity of Life around us.


Here you will find my old and the very first photographs without any retouching, which might probably cause the photos to lose some “gloss” but instead they preserve their authenticity and a touch of time which, whatever you do, is always trying to escape like sand that slips through the fingers.