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advices to traveler

Personally, I don’t like when you are doing something halfheartedly, with no enthusiasm, when you stop half way through hoping that later you will do it better or even perfectly. However, as we know, this “later” never comes so it remains uncompleted or never to be resurrected.  An old Chinese saying goes: “If you are not yet a Master in what you are doing, don’t even start, don’t ruin the Opportunity”. The same is here, with this web site, you are recommended not to look through the texts and pictures “with your eyes wide shut” crunching popcorn and spilling all over and thinking - “well… for the first time, I’ll just have a quick look, to get myself familiar and later I’ll definitely… “.

It is true that nowadays we are always in a hurry, aren’t we? In a hurry to make the best use of time and to do everything though sometimes we can’t even tell what is really important and what is just a waste of time. And yet, we are so often short of time… short of time for something minor, something of little importance but sometimes for something really significant and crucial. Don’t you see a danger hiding behind such a pattern, a danger that, while always rushing, you can miss your true lifework and calling, you can miss your own Life which is so exceptional and so unique?!

With regards to this site, it is absolutely irrelevant to set up a goal, whatever it takes, to read and look through everything at one go. If it brings you pleasure to be here (and I do hope it does, my dear traveler), then you can take your time, indulge yourself and enjoy. Forget about the hustle for some time, at least for a few minutes and, may be, your own memories or dreams will entice you to go on a slow, pleasurable and relaxing trip down the memory lane.

Therefore, I honestly hope and wish the traveler not to get into a frenzy of running through the pages of this site like the White Rabbit from Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” which is always worried of being late and always in a rush, of missing an opportunity to find smth worthwhile and to use this site for your personal enlightment.

I invite you to take a slow, idle stroll in my personal Country without being in a hurry, looking around and contemplating, listening to the wind’s whispering and leaves’ rustling, to the snow falling, peoples’ glances and smell of flowers, to everything an attentive traveler can sometimes see and perceive in my works.

“It takes all sorts to make the world” – it is so good and wonderful that all people are so different and unique. Everyone has its own tastes and preferences. Here every traveler will choose his own path to follow and his own way to look through the photographs -  whether in a warm family atmosphere near the fireplace or listening to beautiful and soft music – it shall make you wish to come back here again and continue your trip. As for the Author, he will be glad to welcome the travelers again and again.


Here the traveler will find my current pursuits and experiments, discoveries and trials personified in my works.

The works, represented in this electronic gallery, have more or less similar exterior style; however, I hope that the traveler will find the content and the moods of these works quite diverse like the infinite diversity of Life around us.


Here you will find my old and the very first photographs without any retouching, which might probably cause the photos to lose some “gloss” but instead they preserve their authenticity and a touch of time which, whatever you do, is always trying to escape like sand that slips through the fingers.