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Here you will find my old and the very first photographs. You will find these pictures as they are, without any retouching, which might probably cause the photos to lose some “gloss” but instead they preserve their authenticity and a touch of time which, whatever you do, is always trying to escape like sand that slips through the fingers…

The photos from my personal archive you will see here are pretty different in form and size, atmosphere and moods as they reflect several decades starting from my childhood and youth and up to my present period which started only a few years ago.


This section will include the albums from the two different periods of my past as a photographer.

First period dates back to the late 70s. Here you will find the earliest and, most probably, my first photos when, while being in the summer camp, I was learning to take, develop and even print pictures.

Second period relates to the time when I was again captivated by the film photography, the time when my Hasselblad camera was my inseparable companion and I was carrying it on the streets tirelessly changing the lenses to the surprise of people passing by.


This selection of albums is based on the following principle – nice and ready.

In general, these photos show the period of my life when I was shooting with a digital camera and also the places I took pictures of. This period was not a long one, probably 3-4 years, though it was quite fascinating and informative. At that time I finally realized I couldn’t live without photography, sometimes feeling an excitement of a teenager and sometimes being too contemplative, even hesitant thinking weather to press the button or not, which is very helpful now when I am dealing with large format cameras, as the latter, like a magic magnifying glass, enhances every success as well as every failure in a photograph.