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For this album I have chosen the pictures which I consider nice and complete. I don’t want to step twice into the same river. In general, these photos show the period of my life when I was shooting with a digital camera and also the places I took pictures of. Though, as we know, “there is nothing more permanent than temporary”, it is quite possible that I’ll change, add and edit the information here.

This period was not a long one, probably 3-4 years, though it was quite fascinating and informative. At that time I finally realized I couldn’t live without photography, sometimes feeling an excitement of a teenager and sometimes being too contemplative, even hesitant thinking weather to press the button or not, which is very helpful now when I am dealing with large format cameras, as the latter, like a magic magnifying glass, enhances every success as well as every failure in a photograph.

my city at random

This album includes pictures of St. Petersburg taken over 3-4 years (or, maybe, 2-3 years) when I was using digital Nikon.

First I used D300 equipped with a set of Zeiss manual lenses which, at that time, had just appeared on sale. However, my expectations with regards to a magic bokeh of the legendary lenses were not met – all beauty was severely cut off by the crop matrix. Still the Zeiss pictures are very beautiful and can compete with the top notch Russian lenses and, surely, are much better than the less expensive ones. Only after a year or two, I made up my mind (thanks to my affordability) to buy full frame and it was the right time when Nikon introduced it to the market. Having analyzed the prices, I found out that Moscow is saturated with less expensive D700 though all roads let to the Indians who were selling “grey” cameras on VDNH (exhibition of national economic achievements). Having spent the whole day on the former exhibition of the economic achievements of the Soviet Union and refusing to buy a few cameras, by the evening I was rewarded with a camera which had a serial number consisting of all twos (except the first figure). I treated it as a good omen and was twice as happy! The first shots made me feel over the moon! The German lenses produced absolutely astonishing pictures.

Frankly speaking, I can’t remember for sure which pictures were taken by what camera (I think it is possible to find out from the information in the file). But who wants to know?

The pictures are done mainly in colour. Only later, when I started using the medium format cameras, I would stick to black&white. However, my progress is about to make a new turn which will result in colourful landscapes (including city landscapes) made by a format camera, to be more precise, by the legendary Ebony which I specially bought for this purpose.

Hope I’ll gradually be filling this web site with pictures and will add beautiful 4x5 inch shots to the album “Landscapes – serenity and peace”.


Montenegro. A small but beautiful strip of land along the sea. The sea is so lovely! Pronouncing Montenegro, they pronounce neither [e] or [ae] but something in the middle, enhancing the feeling of something mysterious which is evoked by this place.

This album does not show all the beauty (especially some inner beauty) of this wonderful place. The pictures were made over 2-3 days in autumn, the low season for innumerous tourists and beach lovers. There aren’t many photos but I would like to share some of them with you, may be, because I know it’s unlikely that I’ll be coming here again at such calm times to take pictures.

olives ritual

This unusual story happened unexpectedly when a few years ago I came to Montenegro with my daughters. When passing for a few times this huge olive field (which is one of the biggest in Europe), I would dream of getting out of the car and taking pictures of these slim and beautiful trees which seemed to me, a person from the North, so unusual and almost alive.

<to be continued>

not sorted

When I was composing the digital section of the site, I wanted to place the three above mentioned albums one after the other as there are some quite nice shots, and the stories, which prompted their creation, are pretty interesting for me.

Yet, there were so many quite interesting works which did not fit any of the albums. That’s why I decided to place some of these works here without any system or preferences. Thus the name of this album speaks for itself.

It’s highly probable that I’ll add some pictures here, for example, a few shots made in Taiwan, after which I decided not to use digital cameras any more. May be, I’ll look through the very first digital archives. Anything can happen and everything is possible!