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According to one of the models of the Universe creation, a man’s life can be compared to a living stream which can be vigorous and exuberant – that’s the time when fortune favours you and the only thing required from you is not to miss an opportunity and then enjoy your success – and which can be hardly visible and fading as if waiting to regain its strength for a new powerful strike.

Another theory says that our life is an amazing and incomprehensible pattern on a multidimensional Material woven by the Divine Providence in compliance with its Great Purpose unknown to us. Who knows, maybe, these threads of human destinies, running through the Eternal Universe, do look like the living stream and waves which sometimes entangle and interact with each other and sometimes stay apart.

matter of the life

To a greater extend, the art of Photography captures the visual side of Life. However, we will definitely think of a familiar sour taste when looking at a picture with a lemon, won’t we? Looking at a picture with lilies of the valley in bloom, we will remember the smell of spring whereas a picture with the two in love kissing each other will make us think of something intimate and personal.

In this album the traveler will find the photographs depicting the small and tiny details of the magnificent stream (or pattern?) of Life, you feel so right and comfortable to follow, while at the same time keeping an eye for nice familiar minor details surrounding us every day.


Every day, whether we stay at home or go out, we meet different people - people who have nothing or much in common, who are happy or sad, friendly or not. These encounters are often just a glimpse so we don’t even notice them but sometimes they bring people together for a long or even a lifelong time.

People around us… what are they like? Do we see them? If we do, do we see something familiar or fascinating about them? Do we hear them? Do we want to tell them something important or, may be, help them in their time of need? Why is it us who were brought together, almost by pure chance, creating a magic pattern of Life and Universe?