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Double space

It’s not a secret to anyone that the Universe we live in is not the only one out there. No one knows in how many parallel worlds we live simultaneously, and the things we are so used to see, hear, smell, touch, feel and even think of, remember and dream of are just tiny part of an incredibly diverse Universe!

Some years ago, when I was reading Oriental books, one fine idea burnt into my memory (I’ll sum it up here just in a few sentences omitting a couple of volumes on Hindu cosmogony). Everything what exists is one whole undivided Absolute which can be in two states at the same time – Revealed and Non-Revealed. Omitting a few more serious books I will give my personal interpretation of their content by saying that a man is capable to reveal Absolute by just remembering something from the past or, on the contrary, dreaming of something unrealistic in the future. But what part of the revealed are we able to comprehend? Do we often happen to take a look behind the scene of our conventional life?

Photography allows you to see and explore this revealing side of an infinite Universe. One of the methods is so-called “multiple exposure” which is a photography technique of combining two or numerous separate exposures into one. I don’t know how to explain this but… when the same film “absorbs” several frames of the Universe, something remarkable reveals itself. Any attempts to imitate this effect later in the laboratory or using Photoshop are nothing but a dull imposition of two (or more) different shots, which cannot feel and reflect various simultaneous pulsations of the Universe.

point of view

A human brain receives a double picture from both eyes, processes it, taking into account the difference of parallaxes, and transforms it into a single stereoscopic illusion of our “real presence” among the objects, people and circumstances which surround us. We often take it at face value trusting the images, sounds and even memories we are used to. Many people live all their life being guided by such unsophisticated approach, just reacting in time to the world around them.

But what can we see (as the photography is, first of all, a visual art) if we try to look at our world from a double perspective? To see two different places or places belonging to different times (almost) simultaneously? Or, vice versa, being at the same place, to watch Life in different times? To watch the moods of the Universe changing around us and only guess how much is hidden from a human eye.

travel to Stockholm

Long ago, when I was a pioneer and just started taking my first pictures, I often wished my simple camera could capture “just a little bit more… come on! at least this tree or this house…”. Now I have brilliant cameras and almost perfect lenses at my disposal, including the wide angle lenses, for example, the legendary Hasselblad 903SWC which I bought recently.

Going for a short trip on a ferry to Stockholm, I brought this camera with me. I shall admit that it was the first time I was using this Hasselblad camera (not a reflex one). I used up half of the film testing the camera on the ferry and in the morning I was in Stockholm. I was lucky with the weather (though they say that it is usually warmer there), the sun was shining on a deep blue sky. The city impressed me with plethora of colours. Everything was clean, freshly painted, the colours were very rich but calm. It was the first time I felt I wanted to take pictures in colour! However, as I started shooting, this desire faded away.

It is so good to take pictures of a beautiful city which you have never seen before. There are no typical stereotypes, therefore, you don’t have that sad feeling that you have to find some fresh ideas to make an unusual shot. I had four hours and three films (12 shots each) at my disposal which I thought will be more than enough. How wrong I was! I don’t want you to feel bored with details of my adventures, I’ll just say that Hasselblad 903SWC made my first encounter with this city an unforgettable experience and I’d like to share with you some pictures here.

I am sure there will be more and more albums with many other pictures from my new trips.


on the Victory square

It’s a small album about the Victory Square in Saint-Petersburg. This memorial was founded many years ago, when I was a schoolboy. I lived close by. In the mid 70s, it was really impressive and awesome for the soviet people, both adults and children, who have rarely seen something like this. At that time peoples’ memory about that War was much more clear and vivid. Many veterans were still alive. They used to wear their medals not only during the official celebrations but on ordinary days as well. My dad was also alive (God rest his soul). He was at war for six years; he served as an intelligence officer in the field. He started back in 1939 during the Winter War and finished his tour of duty near Königsberg. My dad did not like to talk about the war but when later I put all his short stories together, I realized that the way the war was described at that time had nothing in common with reality which was much more dramatic and horrendous as a human life did not cost a thing.

I just could not resist taking pictures of this great memorial. I fulfilled this ambition at the end of 1970s, being at that time an amateur in photography. Surprisingly, I still have these films. Once I was looking through these tiny 35mm negatives, which reminded me of my school time and the memorial. I don’t know what influenced me to do it –whether it was the sun which was hiding the whole winter but that day it came out, or the anticipation of the Victory Day – I got an idea to take pictures of the Victory Square once again after all these years. Equipped with Hasselblad 903 and twin lens Rollei, I have spent over two hours at the Square and used up almost 4 films.

Once in a while everybody experiences something which feels like nostalgia. It is not always pathetic or tearful. Sometimes you should go back in time and remember half-forgotten stories and memories to revive what we thought were forever forgotten and to compare yourself present with yourself from the past.

Complete one more circle of Time, regain Balance, Harmony and new energy to move forward, watching the future transforming into the present and the present into the past.