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Here the traveler will find my current pursuits and experiments, discoveries and trials personified in my works.

Despite sufficient proficiency in handling the professional cameras and lenses and understanding their specifics and applications, despite the acquired skills to use the associated equipment (studio light, photography processing equipment, scanner and other), despite just a slight use of Photoshop for a delicate retouching and light/colour corrections, despite, finally, a knack for printing both small-sized pictures to more than a meter ones, I still cannot state with assurance that I have found my own easily recognizable signature and style or have discovered a new direction. However, the creative pursuits are in full swing now or I’d rather say that it’s high time now for the creative pursuits to start. Well, you will definitely see the results of these pursuits here.

How many blissful revelations
The spirit of Enlightment hides
And then Experience born to lapses
And Genius antinomy-wise
And Chance, the heavenly inventor...

The works, represented in this electronic gallery, have more or less similar exterior style, however, I hope that the traveler will find the content and the moods of these works quite diverse like the infinite diversity of Life around us.

Camera works

A photograph is born as a result of a magic play of Light and Shadow, and it is especially apparent when working in a studio. Any impediments are kept to a minimum so you are free to create whatever you wish but here Mr. Chance comes on stage and, if he is accompanied by Mrs. Fortune, you should be especially attentive to see the Beauty and then waste no time to press the shutter release button!


According to one of the models of the Universe creation, a man’s life can be compared to a living stream.

Another theory says that our life is an amazing and incomprehensible pattern on a multidimensional Material woven by the Divine Providence in compliance with its Great Purpose unknown to us. Who knows, maybe, these threads of human destinies, running through the Eternal Universe, do look like the living stream and waves which sometimes entangle and interact with each other and sometimes stay apart.

Double space

It’s not a secret to anyone that the Universe we live in is not the only one out there. In fact, our universe is just one of an infinite number of universes making up a "multiverse". No one knows in how many parallel worlds we live simultaneously, and the things we are so used to see, hear, touch, feel and even think of and dream of are just tiny part of an incredibly diverse Universe!

Photography allows you to see and explore this revealing side of an infinite Universe. One of the methods is so-called “multiple exposure” which is a photography technique of combining two or numerous separate exposures into one. I don’t know how to explain this but… when the same film “absorbs” several frames of the Universe, something remarkable reveals itself. Any attempts to imitate this effect later in the laboratory or using Photoshop are nothing but a dull imposition of two (or more) different shots, which cannot feel and reflect various simultaneous pulsations of the Universe.


Photography (or, if you wish, photographers, as they are the ones who press the shutter release button) looks at and perceives the scenery of our Life differently: closer to or artistically detached from the reality, dynamically and impulsively or peacefully and quietly.  The Universe around us is so rich, abundant and sophisticated that everyone is free to see and to take photos of what he likes and what he would like to share with the others.