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This is not just an ordinary photo gallery or a trivial photo website with a portfolio, though the latter is pretty attractive. It is not about summing up the results, on the contrary, just the first steps, the inception, progress and continuous evolution.

This project is rather an illustrated invitation to travel into my personal Universe where you will be able to see its past, present and probably imagine the future. You are invited to travel slowly, at your leisure, with curiosity, looking at something vaguely familiar and predictable while occasionally encountering something surprisingly new and unexpected. Thus I shall address my thoughtful and contemplative visitor nothing else but as a traveler, a traveler in pursuit to discover.

This website is my invitation to touch Eternity which is shared by all of us and so common to all of us while being at the same time so different and individual for each of us. I would like the traveler to experience the aesthetic pleasure both for the eyes and for the mind, to leave behind his daily routine and stay here sharing not only my personal memories and depicted images but remembering something deeply intimate or to be captured by his own caressing dreams and imaginings.  

The photos presented on this website will be gradually replaced by improved and more expressive ones; the texts will be completed and revised. All these changes will be initiated and influenced by my own professional and personal evolution.


about myself

As it turned out it is not easy to write about myself though it’s only the part of me and my life which is related to photography.

Here you will find a short and not detailed description of myself as a founder and ideologist of this project and an author of the photography works represented here. The part about myself will probably be regularly edited. 

advices to traveller

Here you will find my recommendations on how to use and understand this web site in general and as a structured system. Little bit of “lost-proofing” and navigation on the site allowing the traveler to unveil the potential of the ideas stated here and to make use of them.