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I decided to add this section after almost a year since my web site was first launched in a test mode. The thing is that all existing photographs are distributed into different categories (sections) according to what they have in common – which side of my creative activity they reflect, what professional technical tricks were used, whether it was a search for something new or not. But what shall I do with the pictures which are complex and ambiguous, which do not fall into a one single category?

It seemed to me
I was the only one in the whole world
Admiring the moon.
But is there anyone
Who can ignore its magnificent glow?
(Kagawa Kageki)

This section comprises photos of different styles and techniques. What they share is a common idea or purpose. These are, for example, slides 4x5 inches which I usually print in 1.5x1 meter size. Unfortunately, even a highly advanced display screen won’t allow you to see all the innumerable tiny details and little things, our life, both public and private, consists of. However, I would still recommend viewing these pictures on full screen which you can do by pressing a fancy pictogram in the top right corner of every album!


old russian places

In search of new scenes and landscapes, I turned to one of the best resources – exceptionally outstanding heritage, bequeathed to us by our genius Russian ancestors, which is still so rich and inexhaustible despite the indifference and sometimes even barbarian destruction caused by the ignorant and disgraceful future generations. 

Yes, were there men when I was young,
Bold tribe of whom shall songs be sung:
They'd fight,– you 're none as good.

(M. Lermontov)



Known sky

Существует множество различных классификаций человека....